Company History

Suction anchors have been used in the offshore industry for more than a quarter century to provide solid and secure mooring ponts in deeper waters. The conventional high load carrying capacity suction anchor has been further developed by NeoDrill into an efficent tool called CAN(R) – Conductor Anchor Node – along with technology for top-hole well construction. Over the last decade this concept has been matured and repeatedly applied to eliminate the “weak link” in conventional well design, as the CAN(R)  provides a reliable well foundation in mitigating the risks of conductor bending and fatigue – even with today’s heavier BOP stacks.

As the CAN Technology is a merger between Marine and Drilling technologies  smaller marine vessels can be used for the CAN installation and recovery, in accordance with the design objective of pre-rig conductor installation.

Snapshot of the first two CAN units installed in 2006