CAN – Conductor Anchor Node

The advantages of the CAN technology:

  • Pre-installation of the top-hole well section from a light vessel
  • Provides lateral support in soft seabed formations
  • Verified load capacity
  • Fatigue management
  • Excellent foundation for single subsea satellite wells
  • Easier P&A operations
  • Time and cost savings
  • No cuttings generation and no cementing for conductor installation
  • Risk mitigation
  • Higher load capacities

The CAN (Conductor Anchor Node), NeoDrill’s base product, is in principle a combination of an especially designed suction anchor and a centrally placed pipe as a through going conduit. The suction anchor is used for pushing the centre conduit into the seabed and for providing wanted top support for the conductor. This novel and patented approach of installing a subsea wellhead foundation (similar to land operations’ well ‘cellar’) was developed in order to facilitate pre installation of conductors with light vessels and sub sea conductor driving. More than a dozen CAN installations have proven the practicality of the CAN approach.